Sipadan Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sipadan Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When is the best diving season in Sipadan?
    You can dive in Sipadan all year round. Overall, the best conditions at Sipadan Island exist from April to December, especially July and August. January to March can see some unsettled weather and a decrease in visibility but the resorts still see plenty of guests at this time as the diving can still be fine.

    What is the quota for diving at Sipadan Island?
    Since the conservation of Sipadan Island in 2005, only 120 people (divers and snorklers) are allowed to visit Sipadan Diving every day.

    How can I get a guaranteed entry for diving at Sipadan Island?
    Sipadan Borneo Divers Mabul Resort is able to guarantee at least 1 day of diving at Sipadan Island if one stays at the resort for a minimum of 5D4N. This is because the 120 quota are distributed evenly among all the resorts and as Sipadan Borneo Divers Mabul Resort is relatively small, they are able to guarantee their customers entry into Sipadan Island.

    Other than Sipadan Island, where else can I dive at?
    Nearby Mabul Island, Kapalai Island have many popular dive sites that are attracting many divers and fast catching up on Sipadan Island in terms of popularity.

    Why do I need to transit overnight at Tawau or Semporna?
    As a sea transfer is required to reach the resorts and the last scheduled transfer is usually early afternoon, if one is unable to make it for the sea transfer, a transit night is to be spent at Tawau or Semporna.